Car Wrapping

Vehicle Advertisement allows you to reach a very large audience. 96% of people in U.S. travel in an Automotive



The simplest way to drive your message to potential customers is with big bold colorful banners. Our banners provide a powerful way to attract attention to your product, event business or organization.



By selecting billboard sign as your preferred advertising medium, you are choosing the most high-impact, cost-effective medium. With advances in technology today, you have limitless possibilities for the design of your company's billboard.



The best way to make your boat standout- wrap it! This is the least expensive way to give your boat a complete makeover. Wrap will be installed it over existing finish.


Brochures & Business Cards

One of the smartest marketing ideas for any type of business. Design make it easy for customer to realize what you are offering



We hope you love cheerleading as much as we do. Megaphones and Stepboxes are some of the things that make you stand out of the crowd.


Store Fronts

The concept of advertising on your store front can be one of the most cost effective methods of advertising you have if your business resides in a physical location.



Magnet vehicle signs are an excellent way to get exposure for your small business without the hefty cost of traditional outdoor or vehicle wrap advertising.


Shelters & Benches

You have their attention so make the most of it. Outdoor advertising has many forms and it is one of the fastest growing areas of advertising in the last decade.


Signs and Directional Arrows

Promote your properties and increase drive by traffic with Xenia Pacific Inc. custom signs. We offer many varieties of signs that will help promote your business, location, or organization.


Soccer Banners

Let your soccer team standout from the others. Soccer and Softball are just a few of what we can produce.



Promotional t-shirt is a fashion and brand statement at the same time. T-shirts are used in business promoting of the company. The t-shirt is the easiest way to promote the company's image.


State Farm

We make State Farm products to the State Farm standards. You want your customer to recieve the information you are providing.



Specializing in the Meineke stores installations. Signs, Front Windows, Directional Arrows,


Racing & Auto Decal's

Is your Car, Truck, or Jeep plain?. Well we can fix that with Racing and or business decals. We want you to stand out!



Poster's any type for any occasion, we can make it from scratch or use your design.


Whats Hot

  • BANNERS, Small or big it makes a life long lasting impact. Include a full color photo or colorful message of your choice

  • POSTERS, Large size posters for any occasion. Pictures of your loved ones or someone that you admire.

  • CUSTOM STICKERS, Peel and Put is all you have to do to get your message across, Come in many different sizes and varietys.

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